A virtual tour

I like architectural glass paintings. Unfortunately this fragile heritage is endangered by time and vandalism. I did some digital restoration on the damaged glass of St Gertrudis of Ternat.

1: painted glass over the entry, decorated with the arms of the lords of Kruikenburg

2 & 3: memorial tablets in the doorway

(the ceiling under the tower)

4: painted glass representing the baptism

5: window with simple geometrical pattern

6 & 8: keystone with cinquefoil

7, 14, & 27: keystone with achievement of de Fourneaux de Cruquenbourg

9 & 11: keystone with de Fourneaux arms

10: keystone representing St Gertrudis

12: painting

13 & 16: another cinquefoil keystone

15: pulpit

17: painted glass representing St Victor, St Anna & St Antonius

18: keystone

19: painting

20: keystone

21: 15th century sculpture representing St Mary

22: keystone representing St Ernestus

23: keystone (see also 36)

24: sculpture representing St Gertrudis

25: keystone (see also 33)

26: painted glass showing St Juliana, St John, Christ, St Norbertus, & St Thomas of Aquino

28: memorial tablet of de Fourneaux family

29: painted glass showing St Gudula, St Germana & St Lutgardis

30: painted glass showing St Angela, St Elisabeth & St Ursula

31: keystone representing Our Lady

32: painted glass showing St Foillanus, St Amandus & St Ultanus

33: painted glass showing St Joseph, St Ernestus & St Joannes

(the lion and St Michael are the arms of the city of Brussels)

34: keystone (see also 37) with the arms of de Lichtervelde

35: altar

36: painted glass showing Pepijn, St Gertrudis, & St Iduberga

37: painted glass showing St Theobaldus, St Maria & St Albertus