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joust armour with shield, by Wolfgang Grosschedel, 1560, belonged to Philip II of Spain

jousting helmets, and vamplate

Maximilian armour, German 1525-1550 by W. Grosschedel; joust armour by Lorenz Helmschmied, Augsburg, 1490-1500; joust armour with prominent lance rest

pot helmet, German sallet and bevor; Italian Barbute, 1450; Barbute signed by Antonino Missaglia from Milan, 1525-1550


Italian cuirasse closing in the middle, 1580, and German armour

pic 1&2: horse cuissard, right hind leg, German, 1500-1510
pic 3: demi-chanfrein, German, 1550
pic 5: Italian armet, engraved and gilded, 1550
pic 7: Italian morion with very prominent crest, late 16th century
pic 11, right: armet with gorgerin, engraved and gilded, Anton Peffenhauser from Augsburg, German, 1580

pic 3: joust armour with shield, Wolfgang Grosschedel, 1560, belonged to Philip II of Spain
pic 4: clearly shows length of some rare surviving lances
pic 5, armour 1: maximilian armour, German 1525-1550 by WGrosschedel, part 19th century reconstruction, decorated with obscene handgestures, armour 2: German armour adapted for jousting, 1550
pic 6: gilded and engraved chanfrein, possibly Italian, 1575
pic 7: black and white 3/4 armour, German, 1550-1560
pic 8: engraved, damascened and gilded armour, can be adapted for joust, worn by archduke Albrecht when entering Brussels in 1599. Italian
pic 9: Italian shiavonas, 1650-1700, also an Italian half-armour with cabasset, late 16th century, and a duelling "sword-breaking" targe, Italian, 1550