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pic 1: pair of wheel-lock pistols, German, 1590
pic 3: leather buffcoat as worn by musketier, 1600-1650
pic 4: shield with spiked gauntlet, early 17th century German

pic 2: combination axe and wheel-lock pistol, German, 1600

pic 1: fortification-musket with 4 serpentine locks, German, 1600
pic 2: pistol with double wheel-lock, German, 1600

pic 1, gun 1: musket on which the wheel-lock was replaced by a miquelet-lock, German, early 17th century
pic 2, gun 4: serpentine-musket, so called petrinal, France, 1580

another bizarre combination weapon

forging patterns in the barrel of a flintlock gun