(not quite) Daily Comic
131 Spring - Dusk

Comic notes

Babble, the Bobble language that occasionally appears in the comic, isn't just random scribbles. I constructed a mini-language just for those random scribbles. Bobbles are highly stylised, simplified, compact creatures, so their language is also fairly simple. The vocabulary is largely based on flemish since I'm lazy, but the grammar is very bare and simple. Sentence structure is Subject-Object-Verb, or Verb-Subject-Object for questions. Like in Japanese, what can be implied often remains unsaid. In keeping with the simplicity theme, the written Babble is based on a Dutch military shorthand system. The flashback in this episode is not an actual portrayal of events, since at the time S-ko looked like a ball. I'm not sure whether this is obvious, or people think I have continuity errors. Not that I would dislike people caring enough to point out continuity errors, mind. The writing on the helmet says "Cos" as that was S's name back then. The song lyrics are something to the effect of "I'm so very happy that my nose is here and not on the side of my head". The musical notation is just a straight line with a wave distortion applied to it, so it doesn't mean anything.

©2006 The True Fork