(not quite) Daily Comic
17 Change - Second grand opening

Comic notes

The Bobbles Cos and Mat were originally introduced for just the reason mentioned in the comic, because they were easy to draw. Shortly afterwards, I developed a workable method for drawing on the tablet, so I wanted to try drawing more versatile characters. There had also been reader requests for cats and more existentialism. But since I had already introduced Cos and Mat, I felt bad about just dropping them again. The episodes before the Henshin Incident reflect this dilemma (and also some of my own thoughts on being downsized, as well as general relationship issues). The solution came with the Henshin Incident. Because I thought I might need more than two characters, and Cos had made a good point about using existing characters where possible rather than introducing new ones, Myshka and Lulu were also henshinned.

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