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180 Confessions of a Heathen Girl - Burn

Comic notes

The creepy bedroom is plagiarized from Jeroen Bosch. The birch is the Celtic tree of Life and Death. It is also Gwyddyon the Magician. In the Quete du Saint-Graal, Eve the sinner plucked the mortal fruit from the tree which the creator had forbidden and the branch came with the fruit. Eve was still holding the branch when God expelled them from the garden. She planted it in the ground, it took root, and became a spreading tree, and its trunk and branches were white as snow. Eve said that the tree bore in itself the recollection of the suffering of their exile; it was the tree of death. Scarcely had the words been uttered, or a voice spoke to them, "O wicked ones, why do you speak thus about death? Do not prejudge fate, but have hope and comfort each other, for life will triumph over death."

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