Two pictures showing a counter to a technique that is not itself shown. So first, my interpretation of the technique being countered:

He attacks to the second opening, I set aside, pushing down his elbow while keeping his wrist enclosed with my dagger, and throw him.

From the other side:

NOTE: further research has shown that there are two similar but subtly different counters against this technique. For a more recent interpretation, see here.

The counter: I outpace the defender, moving over to his other side, then step behind and throw him. Note that in the second drawing, the hands are confusing; unless their position changed, those hands don't belong to whom they seem to belong...

From the other side:

In this demonstration, I kept my hand out for clarity, normally I trap the opponent's dagger against my side.

Here, I show the importance of enclosing the wrist with the dagger. If this is not done, the attacker could slip out, with very unpleasant results...

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