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pic1, sword 2: with gilded pommel and cross, Karolingan, 9th-10th century
pic 3, sword 4: 11th-12th century
pic 5, sword 7: 14th century

pic 1: spear tips
pic 2&3: axe and mace heads
pic 4, left: halberd from the guard of archduke Ernest, German, 1593

pic1, dagger1: Ivory hilt, Flanders, 15th century, dagger 2: Flanders, early 15th century, inscribed: "lof god van al", dagger 4: ear dagger, Italian or Spanish, early 16th century.
pic 2; dagger 6: ballock dagger, Flanders, 1450-1500
pic 3, top: cinquedea with arms of d'Este family, inscribed "fortunam virtus vincere sola potest" "enerves animos virtus odise solet" "fortuna scuto/non vale contra", Italian (Ferrare), 1490
pic 5: a German parrying dagger with spring-operated trident mechanism