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Academic Publications

Caching mechanisms can be used to prevent redundant operations during repeated execution of an automated measurement. Dataflow information, as available in dataflow-based virtual instrumentation environments, can be used to reduce cache overhead and to limit the cache space required. Methods are presented to determine the caching scheme best suited for a particular algorithm, based on general graph properties.

Model parameter identification tools offer serious competition to traditional white-box physical modelling solutions for LTI systems at RF frequencies. One sometimes stated disadvantage of an estimated black-box model with regard to a white-box model is that an equivalent circuit for use in a simulation program (such as Spice) is not readily available.

Affecting combustion through sound, a study into the possibility of reducing the environmental effects of garbage incineration by using acoustic techniques in the incinerator.

Cloud classification on multispectral NOAA-AVHRR satellite images using a neural network system.

A text on electrical circuit analysis, for the course I was giving to the second year students of the faculty of Applied Science. I'm actually quite proud of this, as it proved really helpful to the students.

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